Friday, September 3, 2010

In the end...

I arrived at 11:05
I am done and departing at 15:49

What a mess!

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Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you're experience at MSH has been less than perfect. The only contacts I have are in the OR and Labor and Delivery. I am certainly hopeful you won't need either of those services! With time you should become familiar to them as a "family member" and the connections should be easier. Whatever happened to: the patient comes first and all this stuff/obsticles should be smoothed out so the experience is seamless...just like Mayo! They should love that comparison. Do know it is a fantastic institution with a great foundation in research and implementing that research. You are in good hands particularly with you doc on board.

Bob and I got to stay at "THE APARTMENT" last month. I already have neighbors telling me we used their room! As typical, your parents were fabulous hosts and we did so enjoy one on one time with them.

You remain in the thoughts and prayers of our community!