Promoting Global Hair Loss!

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Doing ESBRU for TheMMRF!

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  In 2013 I had my stem cell transplant but not before raising over $60,000.00 Promoting Global Hair Loss!  I lost my hair the first time in 2010 and swore if it happened again I was going down in style.  So prior to my SCT I shaved my head and had a bunch of other heads shaved from Hong Kong to Baltimore!  I shaved 21 in one evening and even had a hair-care sponsor!

February 5th will be the anniversary of my being in the hospital for my SCT.  I'll be officially One Year Old (with my new stem cells!)  And for that anniversary I'm GOING VERTICAL.  There are 1,576 steps up the Empire State Building - and I'm going to try and run ALL OF THEM!  ESBRU, the Empire State Building Run Up is February 5 - Join me and help me raise funds for TheMMRF so we can GoVertical and FindACure!

I'll have more details later and will be asking for money of course!  For now - here's my opening soiree into video posts!  Please pass this along and share with your friends.  And if you want to GoVertical with me let me know!


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Nakia said...

Love the beard "professor"! I totally support global hair loss (I did my part a couple of years back and chopped my hair and donated). I will be taking the route of donating $ this time around. Hope all is well! Nakia