Tuesday, May 5, 2009

There is a god....

The 'product' is the size of a Jello shot, not a cup of Jello - down two in the morning and start your day - who needs coffee?!?
Pictured here (with a quarter to give you an idea of the size) is my morning jolt. So I take two of these (and don't call the doctor till after 28 days) every morning and every evening. They're kept frozen and you need to take out 4 each night. Luckily my folks have space in their freezer so I can keep the second box there.
The lady that delivered the 'product' was giving me tips, "I'm told that it doesn't taste that good so if you pinch your nose like this "" when taking it may help." I told her I lived in Hong Kong and she said, "oh, then you're used to smells like this." Honest - I can't make this stuff up!
On my last visit I had a bone marrow biopsy, turned in my 24-hour urine test, had a full skeletal xray and did the various bloodwork. I also needed to have an HIV test (required for the clinical trial). The biopsy showed a presence of 60-70% plasma cells (compared w/ the initial of 30-40%) but all other work came up negative (the disease having no impact on my body at this time.) I've sent the reports off to my other doc for his comments and will update accordingly. The other good news is I have to do another 24-hour urine test and will have to repeat that every 28 days. The only other times I've peed in a bottle was during those long car rides after a rugby game - but this one I have to save!
Now on to the sushi-shots! For details, check out this link to the company that makes this lovely concoction. So here are the details:
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Unit (0.6 fl oz)
Servings per container 56 (remember, I get two boxes)
Proprietary Blend 20ml
Sea Cucumber 80%
Sargassum (whole plant) 5%
Sea Sponge 5%
Shark Fin 5%
Sea Urchin 5%
(Daily Value not established)

So I'm imagining this has got to be one tasty treat! But I'll update with another post

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