Thursday, May 14, 2009

"So what's it like?"

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not 'rock-hard' all the time and I don't feel like I can jump tall buildings. However, I do know that I can swallow gelatin, fish-like substance without breathing through my nose (it truly does work!) You still need to get something in your mouth before you finally do breathe through your nose (or run the risk of tasting rotten, sea-faring, mystical 'stuff'.) I've been consuming the sushi jello for a week now but did miss one dosage one night after a work function where I also (due to others not knowing my situation) went beyond my two beer limit. I'm sad to say I got a hangover from four beers spread out over 5 hours - WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!? Boy, when this is done there will be some heavy training necessary ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found your blog while googling sea cucumber... I'm a patient (asymptomatic; diagnosed '04) of Dr. J at SVCC here in NYC...I start the trial next week. I had no idea till I read your blog that the tase is so awful. Fingers crossed, maybe my taste buds will fail me!

Thanks for your blog! Best,


rugbyhubby said...

You can get over it! But definitely have something in the wings (tortilla chips, almonds, anything but jello!) for afterwards. Best of luck Mike!