Sunday, July 26, 2009

Track Your Numbers

Most of you watching my blog are friends/rels/etc. and for that I am greatly appreciative. For those of you that actually have this disease and are just looking for my inane comments, then hats off to you! And this post might be helpful. I just found an app for my iPhone called myCheckUp which allows you to track information and then chart that information over time. If you're on a diet, tracking sugar levels, etc this is very helpful as it tracks values intra-day (multiple data points w/in a day's time). For those of us tracking reports weekly/monthly it's not as friendly but it's a good start, having something that is handy to keep track of the specific numbers of concern to you. I've sent the developers an email w/ comments to see if we can get them to focus on a few items: option for multi-day view/data entry, ability to maintain ranges to identify hi/low values, ability to include more than four custom fields (or increase the number of base markers they maintain) and, finally, the ability to import data or enter from a computer (and not have to enter everything on the iPhone.)

I'm not touting the iPhone (ok, i'm a HUGE buyer of the iPhone) but this kind of mobile ability to maintain data (when visiting another doctor, etc.) is key. For those w/ an iPhone that are interested you should be able to link to the app here:

I hope you find this useful and am happy to offer any assistance to anyone looking to bring in this data. The Myeloma Manager (thank's for the reference Dad) has been great, albeit a little clunky. Bottom line it gets the job done but is stuck on the PC and can't be mobile. This app opens another door (unfortunately only a crack as it's limited in what it can do but hopefully my powers of persuasion will convince them to do this!) If anyone is a developer for iphone apps and would like to work together on doing something I'm all ears!

More later - thanks for listening.

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