Monday, July 27, 2009

Tracking Data

For anyone interested, I've created an Excel spreadsheet to help track my bloodwork based upon the reports I get from SVCCC on each visit. I'm happy to share this with anyone interested. The data entry is based upon the reports I get from SVCCC but the basic data remains the same. I'm not a developer so you'll have to bear with the fact this is a very rudimentary spreadsheet/database to track your numbers. The entry form copies/pastes the data into a data worksheet and has conditional formatting to identify hi/low data (based on the reference range used by SVCCC). I've pre-built charts for IGA/Lambda, RBC/HCT, AST, and TotProtein/Calcium levels. The charts can be easily changed and updated with a basic knowledge of excel.

I'm happy to help anyone that needs it in setting up the sheet for themselves. The Myeloma Manager essentially does this but doesn't have the flexibility of charting that can be done in excel. Also, the Myeloma Manager is not available on a Mac. I'm hoping that someone can get this to work on a Mac as well. Please pass along my bloglink to anyone you think may be interested in this. The data is going to be primarily relevant to someone w/ MultMyeloma but any blood cancer could adapt this to their use.

My goal would be to take this kind of piece and make it into something that can be updated and placed on an iPhone app (see last post!) Any SDK types that want to play around let me know. I don't have a Mac so I can't develop it (but happy to try if anyone wants to give me a Mac!)

Thanks all - more info in the next week or so after today's 3 month check up.

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