Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's Reiterate - Get a Check Up!

Ok - so I happened to look at my blog and realized, "holy sh^t - I write alot." Some of you have reached out to my parents or others and have told me you've enjoyed my viewpoint (some have even said I come across as funny!) There are some things I've written that are relevant to the moment and there are others that should be repeated - and here's where I get on my soap box (yes, again!)


For those with the attention span of a flea - LOOK A NAKED GIRL - NOW GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET A PHYSICAL!

Yesterday a rugby buddy of mine FINALLY decided to go to the doctor. Basically his wife had to promise he wasn't seeing her side of the bed until he did so. Bottom line, he was lethargic, no energy, but the worst piece was bruising at the least amount of contact. Within 48 hours he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, admitted to hospital and started on chemotherapy.

It's not so much that he found out he was sick - it's that it took him so long to go to the doctor to find this out. Get an annual physical - get it every year (for those who's English, albeit their primary language, don't really get that last point - 'annual' means every year!) For the next 10 callers that prove they've had their physical this year I will send you a Tootsie Pop!

On a serious note - I was lucky in that I was able to diagnose my disease prior to it having any serious impact on my body. And all because I finally went to the doctor (I had actually missed a year). It's a pain in the ass (especially the prostate test for those of you old enough) but worth it in the end (how's that for a pun!) I know my friend will kick his disease just like I know he will tell his wife, when it's through, that he can get at least one more season in at hooker (and i'll be his number 8 any day of the week!)

Cycle3 starts tomorrow - should have results and numbers coming after tomorrow's doctor visit. Till then GO TO THE DOCTOR!

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