Friday, January 29, 2010

Aaaand...they're off!

Let the fun begin! I show up at SVCCC today, say, "hello gents" to the guys in reception only to find out I don't have an appointment. Well that's a bit of fly in the ointment. In my best attempt at The Force I simply tell them I DO have an appointment ('these aren't the droids you're looking for') and they call Zach who comes out to assist. Zach is the one who has scheduled all my appointments and is also very receptive to the Force. Last Friday he tried to reschedule my Tues appointment - needless to say I kept my scheduled appt! Apparently Zach had mistakenly cancelled my appointment today. We had a talk with the treatment center and they snuck me in.

Luckily I've got Donna as my nurse once again (the Newfie!). Donna was my nurse for my first chemo treatment - refer back to that post for details. Like that time, Donna asked, "is this your first time?" and I replied, "yes." So now I'm in a room with the red toolkit. For those of you who haven't referred back to the previous post, the red toolkit is there in the event I'm allergic and have some massive reaction to the drugs they're giving me. I'm in a room for the same reason. I hate the bed - I want the chair! You never forget your first time!

I'm receiving Cytoxan today. Here are the details:

I've got two hours of hydration about one hour of chemo (Cytoxan, Dex and Kytril for nausea) and then another two hours of hydration. Did I say I hate the bed?!? I've got my Kindle; Farscape and Logan's Run on the iPhone and a bottle of water. We'll see how things go.

If anything more happens I'll be sure to post.

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