Friday, January 29, 2010

All is good so far!

Sorry for not posting an update earlier. I'm fine (yes Mom, I'm fine!)

I survived the chemo - 2 hours of hydration, an hour of drugs and two more hours of hydration. Part of the chemo was Dex, and as I predicted...i fell asleep! What a bizarre sleep - kept dreaming the wife was talking w/ the kids when I realized it was nurses dealing w/ patients! I did ask for a snack after I got the chemo (and before I fell asleep) and they were able to get me a 1/2 tuna sandwich, 1/2 a vegetable wrap, a V8 and a grape juice - doesn't sound like much but I was starved and it was great.

I didn't get to eat anything else till dinner (which was a wonderful selection of leftover Chinese food!). I will say that I ate like an absolute porker! And of course, now I feel like an absolute porker!!! I probably shouldn't have followed it with a hot fudge sundae but I was told eat whatever you want, even if it's not healthy! And the boy passed his belt test in TaeKwonDo so we HAD to celebrate. It was good but I definitely didn't need it!

So things to watch for going forward: blood in the urine and hydration. If I do get nauseous they'll get me something for it. I'm also told the Neupogen (starts next Wed) will cause bone pain. I had likened this to what I experienced when I took the Zometa - but this is less muscular and more bone. To the point that the Doc asked what painkillers I have at home; he seemed upset to hear I didn't have anything stronger than Tylenol. He did offer to remedy that should the situation reveal itself.

I'll post more this weekend if anything occurs but I'm expecting all to be rather tame!

Thanks for reading.

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