Friday, May 28, 2010

Up In The Air

It was a movie available on my flight - didn't watch it (though it's supposed to be great) I stuck w/ Invictus (did you notice my blog name) though the rugby shots weren't great and the documentary, "The 16th Man" was much better; and the Ricky Gervais movie (city of the dead or something like that).  I made it safely on my flights: JFK>LAX Sunday; SNA>SEA Monday; SEA>SFO Tuesday; SFO>JFK Thursday.  I was able to take my Lovenox injections for the flights to/from JFK.  Economy travel still sucks, business class sucks less, but nothing compares to my days on Cathay Pacific!  I hate air travel in the US.  I wasn't bothered by TSA for having a needle in my bag except on my flight from SEA>SFO.  TSA asked if they could look in my bag and then asked, "if I put my hand in your bag is there anything sharp that my cut me"?  To which I answered no but I have a hypodermic needle.  No, it wasn't that, "those things are so light, we can't even see those in the scanner."  Well that made me feel comfy cozy!  I got busted for not having pulled out my toiletry kit as it had a small bottles of shave, soap and shampoo.  The person traveling with me called me a rookie!

Lovenox, now there's some fun!  Remember my prior post in which I stated I didn't know when to take it and there weren't any instructions?  It gets better.  The CVS paper said something to the effect of, "if you're giving the injection to yourself, your health care provide will instruct you on the proper use."  Ok, he said pinch a roll of fat, insert, plunge.  To take this further, there's absolutely NO instructions on literally using the needle.  It comes with a dark grey cover.  Looking at the cover I thought this may be some ingenious way of keeping the sharps safe, you plunge thru the cover and retract the needle into the cover when done.  Push hard on the plunger, nothing happens and I realize that's  not going to work.  Then I realize the cover and the needle fuselage (best word I could come up with) are spring loaded and seem to have some sort of child safety cover.  Press in the sides, push down the grey cap, turn clockwise, or was it counter-clockwise, cut the blue wire...wait...i digress.  I was able to remove the cover, bend the needle at a 20 degree angle and start spurting lovenox onto the sink.  I took the shot, couldn't find the entry point so just slapped on a bandaid.  Upon arrival in LA, I notice the bandaid missed the spot by about 1/2 an inch and I had a nice little bruise.  Same thing occurred on my trip back home (bent needle, etc) but I was a bit better at finding the spot and almost got it covered by the padding, not the sticky part.

Bottom line, my page of Drugs and Their Effects, will clearly outline steps and techniques.  Hopefully I won't have to do this often.  I didn't notice much of a difference.  All is good, heading to the Doc today for tests and re-up on my Rev scrip.  Need to call CVS/Celgene in advance as I'll be pushing this along trying to get a Saturday delivery on my Rev.

By for now!

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