Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update (boring title means boring post!)

As noted in the title, not much to update here.  I had my meeting on the 27th and numbers are looking good.  Red Cell counts are approaching normal w/ Hemoglobin in the norm.  IGG and IGM aren't quite up to normal (still low) but IGA and lambda remains normal.  I guess the good news is there isn't enough IGA to cause a beta m-spike reading but there are still trace amounts.

In talking to the doctor about status, etc., I told him that I basically dropped down to 200mg of Lyrica (from 300) as I can't seem to remember to take my afternoon pill.  I've not noticed any side effects from this.  My feet still have issues but not anywhere near what they had prior.  Still a numbness, specifically from walking alot.  I've yet to get the motivation to actually go out an run but one weekend, in the near future, I will go and do that and see what happens.  I was given a few more prescriptions (not really scrips but things to buy at the pharmacy to assist with the issues metamucil don't seem to resolve.)  We've opted to cut back on the steroids to 8mg/wk.  I'll see how I fare w/ that dosage in conjunction w/ the Rev.

For now, not much else to report but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop.  It was 80 and muggy yesterday...that's not spring weather!  Have a great week everyone.


Lorri said...

umm....boring is good when it comes to medicine.
The swabs were sent in this week for "be the match". I would encourage everyone to do the same. Never know when you could help someone out.

rugbyhubby said...

Lorri is absolutely right! Though I may not need a transplant from someone else, there are many that do! If you can help - see my link on my home page (or go to

Well don L!

Lorna said...

And if you don't post, boring or otherwise, the blogging world might think you've exploded or something (how is the gas now? lol.)

I'm not sure whether it is the same in the rest of the world, but here in the UK I am officially toooooo old at 47 to join the bone marrow register. Real bummer.

rugbyhubby said...

wow - i didn't realize there was a cutoff...i'm only a year or so away from that. Not that I'm donating anything of course!