Friday, June 11, 2010


Last Monday, a week late, I started my next cycle of Rev/Dex.  Sunday, knowing that Monday will bring a fairly sleepless night and the onset of consta...nevermind, I got into bed, just before 10, looking forward to a full night's rest.  At 1240 I put my book down, finally tired enough to go to sleep.  At 1241 my daughter came into our room - I had to bring her back to her room and BAM, I'm wide awake.  0130 I finally was able to get down to sleep.

The bad news?  I didn't start the Dex till the NEXT day!

Other than that, I've not had any real issues.  As this is the first week of the cycle (25mg of Rev) I got the reaction a bit earlier than normal.  On Thursday I had the red head, eyes and ears - and the itch!  Today (Friday) is a bit of the same, a bit less red.

I've successfully scheduled an appt at Mt Sinai (Ruttenberg Cancer Center) but it was a bit tough as everyone was just getting started but then I met Gladys and my life is saved! :)   At first I was a bit worried but then Gladys came onto the scene and set everything up.  I think she realized the mess and wanted to make sure everything was working smoothly (even though most people answering the phone weren't even sure who the doctor was!)

Short one for now - thanks for reading.

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