Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Dex With Love

It's Monday, it's only 8mg of Dex, it's currently 23:58 AND I'M WIDE AWAKE.

More important, my flaxseed oil wasn't as successful as it was last week and I've even taken to a full 16oz glass of prune juice at dinner (and still no success).  But I just realized I haven't even taken my night-time meds and probably need to do that now!  But for those of you awake and bored, I've not much to report beyond my lack of sleep.  Should be a wonder at work tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll get up bright and early and work out (and perhaps I'll win the lottery as well!)

Good night for now!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Billy:

I know your folks have been in NYC settling into their new digs. However they are also there to go to DF with you. Know your also taking the good wishes and prayers of the Belfair community. May the appointments go well with positive comments. While your treatment protocols are flexed to meet your specific needs, sharing your journey is surely helping support and encourage other mm patients.

rugbyhubby said...

Many thanks Carol - I'm already aware of the rather large community "down South" and appreciate the thoughts and concerns. I think it's also beneficial for her to have a group there that's tuned in and pulling. I think the more important, and much missed aspect of something like this is the caregivers and support they receive.

Thanks again!