Saturday, March 2, 2013

Am I Too Big?

It was about 21:45 when I took the Ambien. It was about 21:47 when I got the call from the cub scouts sleep over across the street. The projector wasn't working and they wondered if I could walk them thru it.
The system over there is a mess so I went over to try and get them set up. I warned them, at arrival, that I had just taken an Ambien and if I passed out by the equipment rack just set me up in one of the tents!
Bottom line I've been back for about 30 min and I still don't feel tired. Maybe the Ambien isn't working because the dose is too small or I'm too big! After Big Bang theory I'm heading to bed anyways but don't believe I'll see much difference in the morning.
Good night folks.
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Elizabeth Sedway said...

At the risk of sounding like a drug-pusher, or worse, I thought I'd share my sleep trouble solutions post-transplant. I tried Ambien too, after great trouble sleeping. After the dose was increased to make me sleep, I had back reactions to the med. eventually, through the first few months, I ended up with .5ml (1/2 of a 1mg pill) each night about 30 minutes before bed. It worked well to calm me and help me sleep. Good luck.