Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Traveling With Sushi

So you're going on vacation and want to bring your frozen, fishy gelatin snack- is it a liquid? Next up on this evening's episode of You Guessed It - the TSA:

"Dear sirs, I have been diagnosed with a form of cancer and am currently participating in a clinical trial that involves my ingesting a jello-like substance composed from various forms of sea life. I will be traveling between X and Y dates and would like to know the appropriate manner of presenting this material as I will be required to take it on the flight, in a frozen status. As I'm unaware if in fact gelatin is considered a "liquid" I'm bringing this to you for clarification. Although the container will be under three ounces there will be 48 containers in total, all conviniently foil wrapped with a beautiful blue logo that looks nothing like a medicine. So I am asking if you foresee any issues and how might I best broach this topic when approaching security at the airport in New York (well actuall NewArk!). Many kind regards...the patient."

The response:
Thank you for your email expressing your concern regarding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) medical liquid exemptions at the securty checkpoint. And they then went on to paste the exact wording listed on the website regarding liquids, etc being placed in a plastic bag, limited to 3 ounces, etc - verbatim. Nothing relating to my question and no clarity as to whether or not this would be allowed or if I would have any issues.

Bottom line, I went thru security three times, my frozen sushi, twice. It was not a problem, they were able to xray it so no concerns. However, dvd players and kindle's are considered electronic devices and do need to be taken out of the backpack in advance of the xray machine. Hats off to the xray operator that recognized the kindle, "Sir - do you have a kindle also? That needs to come out of the bag as well." I then needed to put my flip-flops back thru the xray machine again (as they may have picked up some type of weapon while I was navigating from one side of the xray machine to the other.) The sushi arrived w/o issue. When we went to Disney, I was suprized to find there was no freezer compartment in the refrigerator in the room - when I called downstairs, in truly Disney fashion, "just bring it to the bell services, they have a freezer downstairs for just this need". Each night I showed up for my 4 shots of jello and they took the cooler out, I got what i needed and they put it back - gotta love the house of mouse!

I did need to set an alarm as the habit I'd built at home was easily forgotten when I got on vacation. However, I survived, as did the sushi. It still tastes like crap!

More later as I've been through my first month of 'product' and will post results from bloodwork, etc - stay tuned - same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!

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