Saturday, June 27, 2009

A bit sudden, eh?

M: "hey, how are you?" Y: "good - how about you?" M: "all is good, but I do have cancer..."

For those of you that are on the receiving end of a conversation much like this, my apologies. It's tough to explain, as I'm no longer wary about telling people but I'm also not looking for pity or concern (and nobody's really done that except for the ladies at "The Club"). I've been dealing with this since October and I've got a sense of understanding and perhaps control. For me, I understand where I am and what's going on. For you, it's like a slap in the face! But I've got a load of long-distance friends and when people ask what's new and I say, "check out this link" they're expecting some really bad joke or bizarre website. I guess in a manner, I've fullfilled that - it's not really a bad joke, but any site talking about frozen fish sushi is bizarre!

But I can comprehend the awkward position in which I put some of you when I've not spoken with you in years and within 5 minutes I'm laying down the C-card. I guess the only thing I can say is if I wasn't as comfortable as to where I am and how things are going I wouldn't have dropped that bomb so quickly. So take that to heart and realize I am OK - I just want to let you know and this is really the easiest way to get that done.

Feel free to pass along as you desire - I'm not keeping this from anyone, just did not want to publish this on Fbook and haven't really told people at work as it's too busy and I don't have time to deal w/ some of the questions. But I'm not trying to keep it from anyone, so especially if you're overseas please pass this along and apologize on my behalf for not having notified anyone directly.

So back to the sushi - month two review is coming up on Monday. So Sunday morning I start peeing in a bottle (i'm shooting to fill three this time!). Monday is my visit and first step after labs is my bone density test. I'll put on my stethoscope and white coat and explain officially, "the bone density test is going to test the density of my bones." That's all I know but they are checking to see if there are any issues and if I should start on a bisphosphonate (a bone strengthener). If all works out well and my bones are "dense" then I am putting in an official appeal to the docs to allow me back out on the rugby pitch. The wife's not happy with that but it's going to help keep me sane. I can no longer be the team photographer. I've been doing my pushups/situps, I'm floating between 185/190 (85/86kg) but I've been doing absolutely NO cardio - so that needs to start but I definitely want to get back out there, even if only for a half.

I guess I'll know later next week. Hopefully it won't take as long as getting the MRI results - I think I know more than the docs know on that front. My back is ok, more annoying than anything at this point but they're looking at that Monday as well. So Monday is lab-rat day and I'll post more next week.

Again, thank you for understanding and remember, I'm fine - read the Blog and you'll get an understanding of what's up and stay tuned and I'll post updates! And remember, as quoted by another Clinical Trial member, "that stuff is foul!" Long Live the Sea Cucumber!


patrick said...

Seriously.. very inconsider of you to have cancer and put people in an uncomfortable situation like that. Get over it, get healthy so we can get back to slagging you off properly about why you really can't play rugby. Regarding that, I think you are still doing more training than I am! Upside is I think I have found a couple possible recruits. We'll see if they actually show up.

Sushi jello.. you do realise that all Asian "medicine" is based on the philosophy that it is supposed to scare the illness out of your body. At one point your body just resigns and says "if you stop taking that shyte, I will stop being sick".

Missed you at poker on Friday, well at least you missed me passing out money to everyone. Catch up soon. All the best to Lel and the littl'uns.

Pat Nihan

patrick said...

ha.. that was supposed to be "very inconsiderate of you" to start off the last comment. amend and publish as you see fit.

rugbyhubby said...

Since what you posted WAS posted, I guess I can't preview! :) I'll do my best to be less "inconsiderate" in the future.

And as far as rugby is concerned...shut the hole mate!