Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Month Review

On June 2nd I went in for my first cycle checkup. I was also going in with a pain in my back that started with me putting my daughter in her car seat on our way to the airport for our return from our vacation. When the doctor heard there were back pains I was immediatly sent off for x-rays which showed no fracture or other issue. It did show that I have arthritic hips (gotta love rugby!) Blood work showed a drop in IgA levels but still high, Red Blood Cell counts and hemoglobin counts are low but stable (not getting lower). Calcium had a slight decrease and total protein was stable. AST is still high but not increasing. All in all no real change (either way). So I can't say the sushi's doing anything at this point but I'm still keeping hopes high.

Additionally, lots of you have talked about donating marrow for a transplant. The good news is I'm not in a position to need a transplant at this time. When (if) I do then it will most likely be my own cells that will be transplanted. If that doesn't work the best match will be my brother (I have confirmed we do have the same genes and the postman didn't play basketball, he's just good at it.) If he's not a match then it's up for grabs - could be anyone but most likely would not be any of you. Having said that, it may - so how do you help?

This site is a marrow donor site and you should be able to register there. What this means is you may be a match for someone you don't event know. So if that occurs - I will personally buy you a beer - a really big one!

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noalbany said...

hey, how are you? i posted you last month. my mane's mike, 48, nyc, myeloma asymptomatic, SVCCC/dr. jagannath, just started the sea cucumber trial this wednesday. stuff tastes foul but i chase it with OJ and it works. please, if you have time, let me know of your progress and i'll do the same. my numbers took a leap this week after staying static for four+ years. hoping the trial helps... anyway, if you want we can maybe have the periodic exchange. hope this finds you well. best of luck, mike