Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let Loose The Seuss!

More than a week has gone by and not a word on my blog,
The readers down in blog-ville were running agog.
“What could have happened to that glorious author,
was he stuck without tools, a phone, a catheter?”

Well it seems, grateful readers, that the time that doth past
was spent on quite an adventuresome repast.
Add to that a somewhat substantial workflow
It’s difficult to say where all the time go!

Vaction in Vermont, for six lovely days
It was stress-free but action packed in ways.
Daytime saw poodles and bunnies and swingsets
Hidden treasures, woods and lots of cool insects
Ice cream, teddy bears and other fun toy-sects
Mario, Luigi and “Wii would like to play”-sets.
Where evenings were more focused on the adult time
Nice vino, good dinner and…well a whole lot more wine
We talked, shared stories, forgot the daily grind
We even saw an ‘80s band that knew Simple Minds!

But then later, we would break into my favorite libation
A bubbly amber substance from some foreign nation
And at times like these as everyone knows it
You break out the Wii for a few laughs and how goes its

Alas, all this ends when you must finally return
To face that dreaded ogre that is work and your churn.
The 5 hour drive does not help in the little
Knowing soon you’ll be attached to a desk by the middle.

But you Bloggers must be wondering, “why he doth rhyme
Like some two-bit hawker seeking a dime.”
Well it seems that the only way my daughter would sleep
Is to tell her a rhyming story to help earn my keep.
And in that store, what was found, soon to be my noose?
Just a book, aptly named, “A Hatful of Seuss”

So Sneetches, and Ooblocks and Zax’ do beware
My rhyming, my timing, and whining is clear.
Finally a post, though no update is new
At least it’s different than Horton Hears A Who!

But the blog watchers in Blogville would soon look askance
If I didn’t say something regarding my stance.
Numbers stay good, my feet still circumstance
I don’t believe I’ll soon be attending the dance
But Hellboy remained absent (at least at first glance)
And thanks to “UPS Bill” for keeping meds in presence

That’s it for now, my tongue be doth tied
Arrivederci, Sayonnara, Adios and good byed!


Lorna said...

I thank you my blog mate
For sharing your health state
It saves me from worries
When I hear about bunnies.

So glad that you’re well
I’m sure you can tell,
Your prose is contagious
In fact it’s outrageous!

Lorri said...

there once was a man from, no, no that's not it......

Well, between baseball games in the sunny south I am glad to see you blogging. Excellent!!!

All the best. Lorri