Sunday, April 4, 2010

Only in Vermont!

While at the Ben & Jerry's factory, during the tour, my phone rings (and of course I have the "DIVE, DIVE - NUCLEAR DISASTER" sound for my ringtone.)  I turn off the ringer and don't answer the phone.  After the tour, I listen to the voicemail and it's Bill from UPS saying he tried to deliver and noone was home but was going to give it another try if we could coordinate being there.  I called back and Bill told me he lives up near where we're staying and said he could drop it off on his way home.  My friends coordinated with their neighbors to accept the package (it took three calls to find a neighbor home on a Sat afternoon in VT that was 78 degrees and sunny!)

Bottom line, thanks to UPS Bill, I got my package and all is right in the world.  My only question, would this have happened in the City?  Happy Easter all.

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