Saturday, April 3, 2010

The wonders of a 21 day cycle!

We are visiting friends for Easter Weekend so apols to all that are anxiously awaiting my next update. I will give all the details later when I have some time but for now, suffice it to say, I'm taking it easy and enjoying the GORGEOUS VT weather!

Well actually right now I'm enjoying the weather on hold with CVS trying to figure out where in the hell my next scrip of Revlimid is. The problem with a 21 day cycle and Rev is the Rev is a controlled scrip and there is no auto renewal. If you can't get an appt till Wed that means they have to call in the scrip that day and then it's overnight delivery on thurs for arrival on Friday. We're on vacation so needed to get that delivery to VT. I got a call late Thursday telling me they didn't get the scrip from svccc in time so it will now be delivered on Sat. Again, this is a controlled substance so someone has to sign for it. But it's guaranteed delivery by 1030.

But its also Sat in VT, Easter weekend. And as I said I'm enjoying the great weather, on the back deck, on hold with CVS in Lenexa, KS for 19 min and 08 seconds now. Can I blame my sunburn on them? I wonder what the guarantee guarantees? Oh well, we'll head to the Ben & Jerrys factory and deal with the Revlimid later!

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Sean said...

Unfortunately, a lot of us know what you are going through. MM's hard enough as it is, but throw in the nagging other things like Revlimid delivery problems and you want to pull your hair out - if you have any at the moment! Enjoy B & J's! Sean

Lorri said...

I would put a Guinness with that Ice Cream, yes I would. Enjoy a great sunset.