Saturday, March 13, 2010

Give me a cigar, I look like HellBoy!

For those that have been to the movies in the recent past, HellBoy is a comic gone cinema creation.  He's all red, two stubbed horns on top and all red.  And that's exactly what I look like right now!  Yesterday I woke up with my eyes swollen, red marks in my eye sockets and red patches across the front of my forehead.  Today is a bit better but I am all red, I have a red mark across my shoulders and a red stripe on the base of my spine.  Back to the lotrimin comment from an earlier post, I had to put that on today and will again take the Zyrtec to help stem the itchiness, which isn't too bad today.  However, last night was miserable.  Aside from my 3yr old daughter coming into our room multiple times, my feet and calves were killing me.  Burning sensation, cramping in the calves and feet just hurting from the neuropathy.  I'm able to deal with it.  The redness though is disturbing as it really does make me look evil.  Of course the little tuft of WHITE beard I've grown on the stubb of my chin doesn't help. :)

Though I'm writing about how much crap I'm going through, please remember, it's my opportunity to whinge and moan but I'm dealing with it and I'm in a good spot as far as numbers, etc.  It could be alot worse.  So let me vent and remember to keep the faith and keep the good spirits - remember, St Patty's day is just around the corner!  Perhaps Guinness is a good cure for RevRedness!

I had to put in an image!


patrick said...

u dress as HellBoy and I will dress like Fred Flintstone.. we can go trick-or-treating for pints on St. Paddy's Day!

rugbyhubby said...

A bit short notice and getting a pass for amateur night may be difficult! I no longer look red but I could try o find the jacket and some fake horns. I'm guessing you already have the fred flintstone getup! ;)