Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's all about the dosage

I did my best to work out the dosages this weekend.  I think I'm best suited to take 2mg in the morning and then save the next 2mg tab till later and slowly work the dosage over the day.  It doesn't remove the pain but does curb it to be more bearable while not putting me into space (literally).  Today I took 2 tabs (4mg) in the morning and I haven't had anything else since.  I spent a bit of time outside with the kids in running shoes and my feet don't feel too bad.  I do believe I will make tonight an early one due to the fact that my experiment last night had a bit too good of a result - in fact I was "resulting"' all morning (just hungover, not sick)!

I took three tablets yesterday: morning, afternoon, early evening.  I also went to the Russian Bath House yesterday evening.  I will tell you, after about an hour and a half in the Russian and Turkish Saunas; and the aromatherapy steam room; and the ice cold pool, my legs and feet felt great.  The massage from the rather large lady in the hard to find room left me melting into the massage table.  When she hit my feet and calves I thought I was going to cry - but boy I felt great afterwards.  From there we headed downtown for dinner and beers.  A big rib eye and roasted veg coupled with a number of beers.  Guinness, without doubt, but they also had Chimay Cinq on tap - that was a first for me!  After about 5 beers (and a 14oz steak) I felt pretty good and didn't feel any reaction with the pain killers.  We then hit two other places until I realized it was 2am.  I wasn't so much concerned with the alcohol or drug interaction as the two kids that would be up at 0630!  I made a hasty exit and headed home.  I realized later this afternoon, after a late night flashback, that I had made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I got home - it was all very fuzzy.  This morning hurt - but the experiment worked - I was able to have a few beers without becoming a blithering idiot!  But hangovers are miserable.  That's all for now - more later.


patrick said...

"I was able to have a few beers without becoming a blithering idiot!"

At least not more than usual. The Black Beast and the Chimay were fine, but the shandy made you run for home like you were 14 and late for curfew!

rugbyhubby said...

So wait - when did I have a shandy? I don't remember that - well wait, I vaguely remember that but I thought that was from another day - with someone else. Did I really have a shandy?