Monday, March 8, 2010

My Medicine Cabinet Isn't Big Enough

Today started my first maintenance cycle - 21 days on, 7 days off.  So here's my list of meds at this point:
- Revlimid, 25mg
- Dexamethazone, 20mg (one time per week)
- Lyrica, 125mg 1 in morning, 1 in afternoon, 2 at night (300mg total)
- Nortriptylene, (dosage?) 1 in evening
- Dilaudid, 2mg per tablet, as needed (approximately 6-8mg/day)
- Accyclovir (dosage?) 1 per day (to stop shingles, believe it's needed in conjunction w/ the rev and dex)

over the counter stuff
- one baby aspirin
- one multi vitamin
- one 100mg VitB6
- one 500mg VitB12

Since I didn't start the Rev till tonight, I can't take the next one till tomorrow afternoon, then I can get on a morning schedule (which is easier to remember).  The dex I won't take till tomorrow as I wouldn't get any sleep if I took it tonight.

The dilaudid is helping but I've limited the amounts being taken as it becomes tough to function.  This leaves me with my feet hurting, just not as much.  I see the neurologist on Wednesday.  Not sure if I'll get anything out of that visit but I hope something will come up.  Till now, I just make sure I have my pill container clearly outlined.  Sometime soon I may actually try to get up and workout - a novel undertaking!  Till next time...

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