Monday, March 1, 2010

A rough night

On Sat I went to SVCCC for my Zometa. While there I spoke with my Newfie nurse about all the issues I've been having with my feet. Due to the nature and variety of my pains she thought perhaps it might be some other issue (podiatry related). I shot a message to the SVCCC docs and mentioned this along with the fact that my Lyrica prescription would run out Sat night.


I think I understand the nature of lyrica - it gets in and works slow enough (over time) that you don't realize the benefits you're getting till they wear off! The doc called me on Sunday and said he would call CVS to refill my scrip. Unfortunately he left them a vmail and Lyrica is a controlled substance and cannot be given without a written scrip. The pharmacist was nice and gave me enough to last through today.

I went to bed at 2030 last night and woke up at 2200 with my feet shooing fireworks! Serious pain. I finally got back asleep around 0200.

The lesson here is don't underestimate the power of the drugs you're given. They may be working better than you think. I go in to SVCCC on Wed for bloodwork and tests. I may also see a neurologist re the neuropathy to test my feet and see what's going on. For now, I plug away at work!

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