Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick update

ImmunoFix results. I'm IG A (that's what is usually high). All normal except for IG M which is only a little low. I didn't get FLC yet but will be watching.

More updates later.

2/13/13 Immunofix Panel-Serum
Component Results
Value Std Range
IG G QUANT 522 700-1,600
IG A QUANT 170 70-400
IG M QUANT 22 40-230


rudi48 said...

What was your M-Spike? jm

rugbyhubby said...

Funny enough I didn't get those results either. It's usually with my other protein results. My albumin and all my globulins (alpha, beta, gamma) were all normal. On my pre xplant tests I had an mspike% of 6.1 and actual of .42 g/dl

I don't know if they test and if no value don't post or if they simply didnt test.