Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's Day 7 (aka 9 days in hospital. Today my breakfast arrived and looked more appetizing than it ever has. Then I saw it was a bagel and jelly and said I didn't order that. They realized it was for the next room and brought in mine, on styrofoam wrapped in plastic and smelling all the same. I asked why one looks like room service and the other looks like mine and found out the lady next to me is NOT on the Kosher diet.

I asked that they change that now - now that I've been here 9 days! Aaasrrrrggghhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are feeling better. been thinking about you. hope you are home soon

AMy Scherer

Bill McHugh said...

That explains baked fish for lunch every day. Sounds like the upswing has started.
See you in a while.

Anonymous said...

Well... the good news is you figured it out now vs your last day at the Hospital! Hope you are feeling a bit better :)
Mary H