Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SCT Day 28 - To B or Not To B, Complex that is...

Went to bed around 2200.

Up at 0130, feeling like I finally slept all night but had to take a potty break - that's when I saw it was only 0130.

Up at 0230

Up at 0330

Up at 0430

Got up at 0530 and don't believe I slept between 0430 and 0530.  The prior evening I didn't wake as often but yesterday morning I did NOT take a B-Complex vitamin.  I have been taking both a B-Complex and Fish Oil supplement - one for an energy boost and the other to assist with 'processing' (if you know what I mean! :)

Yesterday I didn't take the B-Complex and I have to say I felt it.  Today I took one and don't feel any better for it yet (but it is early).  I'll see how it works the remainder of the day.  Today I will also call the hospital AGAIN and ask for a nurse practitioner so I can try and get something to help me sleep.  I'm so  unfocused I can't seem to get things done and the lack of sleep is catching up.  I'm doing fine and don't want people to read this and become concerned (and you know who you are!)  But as I stated at the very beginning of this blog - this is my place to vent!

Hopefully I'll hear from someone - otherwise I start emailing the doc!

cheers and thanks for reading,



Anonymous said...

Don't be lonely ~ here's a comment. I wish you could get a great ninght of sleep and more to follow. Complain all you want. That's why we're all out there rooting for you! Hopefully you'll
have a prescription by now or I could send some of mine. Would that be a federal offense never mind distribution of controlled ssubstances. Your mom didn't shave her head ~ I' not going to jail!!!!

Carol in Belfair

Van townsend said...

Just curious: do you take the B-complex to improve the quality of your red blood cells (mcvh ? In a CBC can tell you if your red cells are not proper size and quality) ? For example, my hct and hgb can be well within normal range, but I can be B12 deficient.
For sleep, Ambien works fairly well but just for about 4 hours. Helps on the dex days (do you notice the dex still keeps you awake for 3 or 4 nights after dose?

rugbyhubby said...

Hi VanTownsend -
I'm taking the b complex for energy and to help with peripheral neuropathy. Never considered it for MCV and I've not been told I have any issues there.

Re Dex, I've not been in Dex since my four cycles prior to harvest on late 2009. After harvest (early 2010) I was on maintenance Rev for 36 cycles. This past Aug I went back on a steroid but this time prednisone. When I was on Dex it was 2x/wk and yes I did feel it for 3-4 days. What a mess! Never had sleeping pulls then.

I had my SCT late Jan (day 32 now I think) and have had trouble sleeping ever since. Think it may be the neuropathy but not sure.

Hope this helps.

rugbyhubby said...