Tuesday, November 10, 2009

0 mph

The best response to my prior post was "HULK ANGRY, HULK SMASH THINGS!" After all the JerseyBoyz and Goodfellas on Sat Night I was definitely feeling that way (it was the pint of Guinness that finally calmed my nerves!) But as they said in the '70's - what goes up....must come down...HARD!
It's a bizarre, mixed, feeling to have one side feel like you could successfully fight a bunch of out of shape mobsters and the other side know you need a nap (at the same time). I think this is part of what has put my yin and yang out of sorts. I'm sure others will be quick to point out that I've always been imbalanced but I seriously was in bed by 830 on Sunday and around 9 last night - totally without function - just drop dead tired. I'll get two paragraphs in my book before I fall asleep hard (not 'drift' but 'DROP' to sleep!) Could this be the Zyrtec and other things causing this or is it just the Rev - we'll have to ask the docs and nurses. On another note, I've noticed a tingling in my right foot, calf down to ankle so need to confirm that's not caused by the neurapothy. Again, will check w/ the docs - noting here for posterity sake!

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