Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Other White Meat

I lived through SARS and was more scared of alcohol poisoning than I was the bogus issue that arose over there at the time. I won't complain as all the wives and kids went home leaving us poor, defenseless chaps to protect the bars! So swine flu catches me a bit tongue in cheek and I've not really considered it a big concern. And now it's being made into one for me.

My son got his H1N1 vaccination today (god forbid we offend Arnold and the pork industry). There are two types: the shot and the intranasal application. The intranasal is a 'live' virus (where the shot is dead). This makes it more dangerous for someone who has a compromised immune system. At this time, that's me!

So at this moment I'm sitting at Molly's enjoying a Guinness while waiting for my wife to take the kids home from my parents apartment as I'm being quarantined from my son for the next day. Tomorrow I should get my own H1N1 shot and be well prepared to fight that live, porker virus!

Until then, I asked for a pint of Guinness and a pint of water. The barman misunderstood and provided me one Guinness and one Murphys so I will be conducting a taste test as I await my order of pork chops w/ pork rind chips! I'll beat the swine at their own game!

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