Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yin 5 - Yang 0

During my treatment yesterday I asked what I should do about the Zyrtec as I've not had any of the scalp itch but I have been ungodly tired and wasn't sure if that may have something to do with it. They told me I could stop and only use it when I felt the scalp itch coming but I potentially may not need it as the Revlimid reaction is usually only for the first four days. So last night I didn't take the Zyrtec - nor did I get much sleep!
I awoke around 0130 for a potty break. When returned to bed I closed my eyes and rolled alot and around 0245 I started reading my book. Around 0400 I tried to go back to sleep and I was up about 2 min before my 0500 alarm went off. I'm not tired now but expect I'll be a wreck tonight! I wonder if I can use the 'quiet room' at work today!
One day I'll get my yin/yang balance back!

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