Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2 of Treatment

For those of you that have played online shooter games with my brother, you know what it's like walking around, KNOWING you're about to be nailed but not knowing when. You hope you get a chance to get him but you also know there's no way in h*ll that's working out. So the day after treatment 2 I'm walking around waiting for my brother to ping me with a clean head-shot just when I think I'm doing pretty well. After the first day of treatment, expecting one thing and getting another, I'm walking on the proverbial tight rope wondering what will happen today or the next day.

I slept well last night - didn't really feel like getting up. I no longer have this acne rash across my forehead like that girl from the Star Trek DS-9 or Voyager series (at least it's not as pronounced). I do however, feel a bit speedy and a bit dizzy. I'm working from home to be cautious and will try to get a nap if possible.

One other reaction not mentioned in last nights post was a rash, on my lower spine, about 8 inches in length. I hadn't felt it and it wasn't itching (that was the head). So the Doc recommended Lotrimin for the rash and asked that I monitor. For those not in the US, I'm not sure if you'll recognize Lotrimin or it's intended use. It's for jock itch - better defined as fungus around the 'package' that causes itching - usually acquired by those with an impetus for sport but not cleanliness (see prior post for reference to cleanliness, godliness and timeliness!). Now where I am so inclined to sport (and killing me not being able to play rugby) I am also so inclined to make sure that 'area' is clean and dry! I have NEVER had jock itch.

So if you come to visit and happen to be rummaging through my medicine cabinet, the Lotrimin is for my BACK, not my PACKAGE!

I'll keep everyone in the loop as things progress - be sure to stay tuned to my next "live" broadcast which I'll try to do Friday morning (it will most likely be very boring so have some coffee if just getting up or a beer (one for me) if you're just getting home from work.

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