Sunday, November 15, 2009

As we always prove, it truly is a small world.

For those that know the family, it's difficult for us to go many places without having some bizarre 'small world' story. So it's no wonder that it happens now.

Saturday night, out with friends at an Indian 'fusion' restaurant (Bombay Talkie). Someone in the booth next to ours gets up and the person next to him has to stand as well. When he stands he turns and we both look at each other an do a double take:
"Hi Doc - how are you? My numbers came back yesterday and they dropped significantly." Idle, brief chit chat ensues, "I'll let you get back to your dinner, great to see you."

Our two friends are wondering a) you're on the West Side of town, how do you know someone and b) doc? I then had to explain that the person sitting directly behind our friends was the same person that extracted a piece of bone marrow slightly larger than a large grain of Basmati rice from my upper ass just last week. You don't expect to see that doctor out at dinner. But when you are part of our family, it becomes common place.

I'll have final numbers tomorrow and will post status after my first cycle of chemo.

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