Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep is NOT over rated

I began cycle 2 yesterday. This means I got my dosage of dex, velcade, and revlimid. I also got my monthly dosage of zometa. (I did not get my flu shot as they hadn't gotten their shipment as of yday) Now granted, I did go out for Malaysian food (and 2 beers) but stopped for gelato and coffee afterwards. The coffee may not have helped do anything but assist in kicking the Dex (steroid) into high gear. In other words i was in bed last night reading, tossing but I'm working on basically no sleep and a huge schedule ahead of me today.
715 haircut
8 (more like 830) skating
11 swimming
1230 Taekwondo
2 playdate
5 dinner/playdate

Luckily I may be able to sneak in a nap during the 2p playdate. But right now I'm updating my blog so that I won't fall asleep at swimming! Need more coffee!

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