Friday, February 5, 2010

And then the pig says....

Have you ever walked up on the end of a joke and not had any idea of what the joke was about? But of course, you nodded your head and smiled as if you were there the entire time, trying, desperately, to grasp the meaning of the joke and ending with laughter only because everyone else was laughing as well.

Today I have the surgery to insert the catheter in a vein in my neck. This is a simple surgery that will allow the pheresis (sp) to take place at a faster rate (sort of like cable modem vs dial-up!) And beginning Monday, I start the harvesting process. It is true that I had a heavier dose of chemo (Cytoxan) last week and I've started getting the Neupogen injections Wed. But neither of these have really had an impact of any significant level. So for me, I feel pretty much as I have felt. Perhaps my stomach bothers me a bit and I seem to be breaking out on my arms and shoulders like a big-time wrestler on steroids (without, of course, the muscles and tight jumpers!) Bottom line though, I really don't seem to be noticing anything. My disease is in "Near Complete Remission" which means if you look at my blood work you can't see anything. It's not until you look very closely, with a very big wrench, that you can find a small semblance of what was the disease. This is a good thing!

Perhaps I've entered the conversation a bit late - because the number of emails, comments at work, and, of course, the calls from Mom have me wondering if perhaps I really look like the defecation of a large canine! Three people at work wishing me luck and hoping everything goes well. One that's going to send me positive thoughts. Various emails all with this note of concern. FIRST, LET ME BE CLEAR - IT'S ALL VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Second, let me be doubly clear - I'm fine! I'm going to be fine! I'm going to get a giant pint of Guinness when this is all through (perhaps more than one!)

Yes, I have cancer, and yes, I've beat it into 'Near Complete Remission'. I will harvest the t-cells and then continue on as if nothing has happened. I may still be on steroids and may have some very interesting stories about the in/out process of harvesting, but I don't expect to be in a position where anyone should worry. And I most definitely do NOT believe I look like an example of canine defecation.

So, should you start offering me concerns and wishes, don't be surprised if I respond as if you've just entered two thirds of the way through the joke with, "....and then the pig says, what do you think I am - a piece of meat?!?" and then start laughing hysterically.

Just chalk it up to me being a nutter as always! Have a great day and I'll try to send pix from today's surgery - supposedly they're giving me some type of anesthesia that will put me into a hypnotic state. I'll make sure the wife has my iPhone so we can video tape me clucking like a chicken!

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