Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The glare, the glare!

Today was a day to test the video on my chat. Trading desks everywhere asking me to wave and show off my bald pate! And that fluorescent fixture above my desk offers a wonderful glare on the chrome dome - perfect for entertaining....

Later I went to St Vincent's - and apparently I captured 16.9mm t-cells, about 1mm more than I originally thought! I can't say that's a record but I'm damned impressed with myself. I also found out that the various tests they ran (for bacterium) when I was sick all came back negative except the Sputum - the medical term for loogie! Apparently I had the H-flu bacterium. There is a big name I don't remember and no, it is not related to H1N1, it's essentially the same bacteria that causes a cold. My numbers were good - WBC still a bit low but should be coming up, RBC and similar all the same. Nothing of significance there.

I'll go back next week for another round of bloodwork to determine if I can go on the Rev/Dex regimen. I expect that will start in about two weeks. In addition to that, due to the neuropathy I've been experiencing, and due to the fact that I've had three incidences, in the last six months, where I've required anti biotics, we'll do a few more things while I'm there. I'm scheduled to get a few injections. Currently, I have IGA myeloma. Since the IGA protein has taken over my body, it depleted my abilities to create the IGG protein (antibody) which helps your body protect against infections like the sinus infection and the cough I more recently experienced. Rather than do an IGG transfusion (as my IGG numbers are coming up), and to protect against further issues, these shots will help protect me like a flu virus. In addition to the injections, there will be one or two other tests to help rule out other causes for the neuropathy. The doc definitely doesn't believe this to be otherwise caused (i.e., an issue for a podiatrist) as this is occurring in both feet/legs, not in one. These tests will help rule out any other issues (of which I have no other symptoms.) As usual, I have thrown everyone for a loop as what's occurring with me should have happened with the Velcade, not the Cytoxan.

Regarding hair loss, if I had gone through a transplant (not a harvest) then my expectations for the return of my lovely locks would be about three months. Since I didn't have the level of chemo required in a transplant, I can hope this return will be far quicker. But I'll set the countdown clock at three months!

Regarding the neuropathy - he's telling me I can increase the dosage of Lyrica (I guess it's pronounced Ly-REE-ka) up to a point and see if that helps. So I'll try taking two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. If that doesn't work he said I can start getting a more narcotic solution, such as morphine (yes Janie, I can get a script for Morphine!) I ruled that out saying I'll fight through the pain - I draw the line at medical marijuana.

Lastly, the doc (Chari) is going to turn me over to Dr Jagannath (head of the group) as he (Dr J) has a closer relationship with Dr Richardson (DFCI). This could be prompted by the request of Dr R for a monthly Zometa regimen over two years. Dr Chari thought that somewhat aggressive but understood this is what Dr Richardson was asking for. Bottom line, I'm happy with Dr J driving things here locally.

I think I covered everything - except that I finally found two hats - one winter one, and one more like a runners cap, that I'll probably never wear as it looks more like a dew rag. I never realized how hard it was to find a nice hat! On that note, I hear the Olbas Oil, Cocoa Butter and LyREEca calling!

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