Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl - Super Sick!

I spent yesterday miserable. The cold I had been fighting last week kicked into full gear Saturday night and left me miserable on Sunday. What's better - the Neupogen started to make itself known as well. Now I understand bone pain! And yes, it's sort of like rugby, afterwards, after the beer has worn off! I didn't want to lay down as I needed to bend at my waist/hips to relieve the dull ache occurring there. I was able to get myself a bit of a nap, waking only once, by my own snoring. I did end up taking a vicadin along w/ another mucinex and started to feel better by the middle of the SB game. It was probably the first beer-free game I've watched since I was in Ohio and the parents let me stay up to watch the Denver game (brother will laugh at that - were the broncos in the SB in the late 70's?)

Today we venture into the harvesting. I start around 830 and have about 6 hours sitting in a bed with my blood running through a cycler. I'll post when it starts (keeping everyone in the play by play) and will have plenty of movies/tv shows on my iphone and my kindle to keep me busy. Wish me luck!

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