Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh...I didn't recognize you...

Before - After
Hair - Bald
For most people, work friends, rugby friends (anyone that hasn't seen pix on Fbook) I can understand the look of surprise if you see me outside of normal circumstances. Most work friends see me at my desk and then ask, "did you lose a bet?" To which I respond, jokingly, "sort of, I guess." and then explain. There are some that come up and talk to you till you actually say something about what's going on. And there are those that outright just ask, "is everything all right?" The latter I probably prefer as it's straight and to the point.

But what caught me the most off guard was the people at SVCCC. When dealing with cancer patients all the time, the change from hair to no-hair I would imagine is quite often. So when someone shows up bald the, "you look different" comment catches me off guard - well of course I look different - you gave me drugs that made my hair fall out! :)

This post was written Monday so the novelty has worn off - well at least for those that haven't asked me to launch my video chat for the entire trading desk to see! All is good except for my feet - my feet are still killing me! I've increased the dosage of the Lyrica and it's not doing anything but making me stoned. Apparently, if this doesn't go away in a few days then I'm to get in touch w/ one of the nurses about a trial of one of their opioid pain medications. Let's break down the word opioid - opiate - opium?!? Sounds like fun!

Dilyn's going to take a picture of me with hair which I'll try and post!


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