Friday, February 12, 2010

"I'm not an aminal...I'm a human be-innng!"

Ok - so I'm almost feeling human again. I did take my full dose of cough med and vicodin before bedtime and felt like I'd slept the whole night. When I looked at the clock it said 0612. WHEN I WOKE FROM THE DREAM AND ACTUALLY PICKED MY HEAD UP TO LOOK AT THE CLOCK IT WAS ONLY 0116. Where do you draw the line on your own body tricking you into believing you slept through the night?!? I did stay in bed (and slept) till just after 6 when number one son came in to wake us up. Though I've been coughing up a mess of stuff and awoke with a head ache, I seem to feel better now.

Yesterday I purchased a B12 supplement and stopped taking my B complex supplement. Today I even skipped the multi-vitamin. So far today my feet feel better but I've not really done any walking (aside from taking my son to school). I finally took a good long shower and was able to change the bandage on my catheter wound. I also had some of my mother's home made chicken soup (very well done mom!).

I can't say I'm fully rested but I feel a 100% better than I have in the last few days. Now I'm trying to clean up all the crap around our computer! Also, I'm working on Excel within the Mac - if anyone reading knows how to create macros or scripts for Excel w/in the Mac, please message me!


KY said...

Glad you're feeling better brother, been thinking about you this week.

I'm a PC, and I want to help

rugbyhubby said...

"I'm a PC and want to help!". Absolutely priceless! Many thanks sir. I will give that a try. And thanks for reading!