Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fair To Midland

Day three is here and I'm starting to actually feel like myself. The catheter is being removed today, much to my pleasure and delight! Yesterday I was miserable - the evening in the hospital, the day in the pheresis area, approximately 3 hours of sleep and just not being able to get comfortable. And then there was the cough that rattled through my chest and left my throat feeling as if I swallowed razor blades! So now, 4-5 drugs later, I'm starting to feel somewhat normal (fair to Midland).

I was given (from this point forward to be known as) the Aflack antibiotic, then after my harvesting I was given a scrip for zithrocycin (zpack), robitussin w/ codeine and I still had my vicodin. I took the cough medicine when I first got home expecting to get knocked out and sleep for a good three hours. I slept one! By the end of the night I got myself ready for bed, took my two TBP of cough syrup and two vicodin hoping for the best. When I woke I felt better than I'd felt in days. Then I realized t was only 330 in the morning. I took more cough syrup, one more vicodin and went back to sleep - or at least tried. I guess I just don't react to drugs a expected. So I did sleep from about 1000-0330 but nuthin after that.

I've now had the catheter removed and am feeling pretty good. Still am not over the cough/cold but can feel the antibiotics working. You are all lucky as I opted out of taking a picture of the catheter after it was removed. It wa pretty amazing - snipping the stitches hurt more than pulling out the cath.

Enough for now. (not checking for errors!)

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