Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1.5 and 2

So they knew I had a cold and were worried if I had a fever. I was feeling like sh!t last night but didn't believe I had a fever. They told me to watch if I started coughing up anything with color and I promised to keep an eye out. So before bed, whilst attempting to gargle w/ Listerine, i choked, put myself in a coughing fit and sure enough - good, colored phlegm! Mm, mm, good! So then I took my temperature (I was watching for 100.5). In right ear, 101.3; in left ear, 101.5; switched to a real thermometer and got 101.1 and 101.3. So I called the hospital.

As a precautionary measure they had me come in and get some antibiotics via IV. I can't remember the name (kept calling it Aflak!) but it was Amiflax or something like that. It was really cool - prestone green in color! They took blood cultures, from both ports and both arms to see if they could identify if there was any infection. This was all done around 12/1230 and I stayed the night at the hospital. Needless to say, I never broker 100 at the hospital but they realized I definitely had issues. The night nurse ran into the pheresis nurse in the subway and told her she recommended a chest xray. Bottom line, fever's gone, chest xray was clear. I'm coughing up some miserable crap and they've given me a scrip for robitussin w/ codeine so I should be able to take some of that and sleep like I haven't slept in days.

Now for the good news! On Monday I was able to get 9 million tcells. My target was 10 million. Today I had already filled about 2/3's of what I had filled on Monday so I figure I'm in the 15 mm range. Catheter comes out tomorrow so between sleep tonight and the catheter being gone tomorrow I may be a happy camper - if i can get rid of this cold!

by for now!

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