Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold and spiky!

You don't realize how cold it is outside until you've gone hairless! Wow - what a difference. And the same goes for ball caps. When you have a wonderfully done buzz like mine (please add the dripping sarcasm that I can't quite replicate in print) those spiky little leftovers will kill you! The ball cap just helps point out where these are located. I'm going to solicit my wife to try and clean up the missed spots in the back of my head as I really look more like "orange prison jumper" bald rather than clean "Lex Luthor" bald. I am not at the stage where I am ready to break out the razor on my scalp - I just foresee that as being one big, bloody, mess!

My feet are still killing me. Granted, we did spend the day at ChuckECheese in the Bronx and the Museum of Natural History but I don't believe my feet should be hurting as much as they do. My wife was kind enough to loan me her PediEgg to help scrape the inch of callous off the heel and ball of my foot. I rapidly applied lotion and felt like I gave myself quite a nice pedicure (sans any nail work.) I was a bit jealous as my wife had gotten a nice foot massage when she got her feet done. I'll have to go do the same.

We're off to Boston today to meet w/ the Docs at DFCI. This will be the first bloodwork I've received since prior the harvest. During the harvest my numbers all went askew as my blood counts were down (since we were taking it all out) and my WBC counts were high as the Neupogen was making them run rampant! Spending the evening with friends in Boston so it should be a nice trip as well. Back to work on Thursday, with a bald head. Shot a message ahead so that everyone can be forewarned.

Thanks all for your thoughts on FBook, here and via email.


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