Sunday, February 14, 2010

Need an excuse?

The entire time that I've been going through all this my saving grace has not been the fact that I've not gotten sick or that it's made me miserable. It's been the sheer fact that I can get through all of this without having to explain to my son what's going on. To him it's life as usual.

This recent onslaught of hair loss gives me pause. The sheer (pardon the pause) reason is I don't want him to be worried or even try to understand what's going on. At some point we can talk about what's going on (hopefully at that point it's what went on) but for now I'd rather keep him blind to the entire mess. My daughter is still young enough it won't register but will only be a memory. My son is too old and will catch things if there's not some sensible reason (aka excuse).

So now the question is, "what's the excuse?" I heard from my friend Kieran that the length of time it took for the hair to fall out is not unreasonable as it's the dead hair cells that are finally coming to the top. Though I've not confirmed this with a doctor, K's comment makes sense. I also did a quick test and tried pulling a bit from the hair that's shorter on the side of my head and I was easily able to pull out a lock without difficulty. This tells me I think all of it's going to go (contrary to my previous comments and hopes).

Now I make the decision whether to break out my clippers and pull a Marine cut or head down to Sigfredo's and get Bruno to give me a clip. Or deal with what happens and hope for the best. I'm thinking the clip is the best bet but first I need to determine what I tell Number One Son.

I can say I'm doing it for my friend or just ask him if he wants to cut it really short with me (no way he's doing that!). So tonight I'm just having a few beers and thinking through the various options (in a public manner as posted in this blog.) We'll see what happens. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has sone great ideas! Cheers for now.

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