Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gladys, my feet are killin me!

Last night I slept without any meds. Felt wonderful when I awoke - only to realize it was 1230am and my feet were burning! I'm not sure what the cause of this is but when I last spoke with the docs they mentioned an after-effect and neuropathy. Neuropathy is damage to the nerve endings resulting in 'negative' (loss of feeling) and 'positive' (increase of feeling - aka PAIN) reactions in the body. Velcade is a known cause of Neuropathy but my last does of V was 12 Jan. I also noticed that a toxicity of vitamin B6 could cause this as well as a deficiency of vitamin B12. I happen to take a B-complex 100 (which results in a heavy increase in various B vitamins.) I'm going to stop the bcomplex and get a b12 supplement to see how that works. The doctors have always been ok w/ the B complex as it should help the Neuropathy. I'm also checking with them to see what's happening. The original source of the pain was a pair of shoes and it feels like i'm banging on my heels and the balls of my toes. Couple that with the fact that the house is sooo warm and lack of humidity that my feet feel like they're cracking.

I still feel a bit of the bone pain but unlike the other night, I was able to get back to sleep albeit with some very bizarre dreams. I then woke up at 630 to get the wife in the shower and ready for work only to find out she wasn't working today! Well, the kids still needed to get up so my morning wasn't completely wasted!

Took a nap after the kids went out for the day (and also took some more cough medicine.) So catching up on rest but still a bit under the weather. Hopefully I'll be better in the next day or so. I know I won't have any issues w/ food as my mother has cooked enough for the incoming army she's expecting to our house! Dad's suggesting a TaiTai cookbook (and after last night's dish, I'm in agreement). So look for book sales to begin in the near future!


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